TGP tooth graft procedure

Osteoinduction reality or fantasy?


Osteoinduction is a very important property for biomaterials. It enables the formation of new bone even in a non-osteogenic environment such as muscles, subcutaneous tissue, etc.

Unfortunately, most commonly used biomaterials does not have this feature.

In recent years the use of derivatives of the tooth was considered one of the potential graft materials to treat bone defects, but what are the real potential?

In the literature many authors report of morphogenetic proteins and growth factors in tooth. But you can use these labile quantity for our regenerative purposes?

The analysis of the literature since 1967 to now  present more than 200 studies. In vitro examinations at the University of Milan and many histological studies of clinical cases are used to understand how it is possible to treat the tooth in order to optimize the contents such as these proteins and making innovative regenerative techniques.

The evolution of an idea for a device usable in everyday practice was therefore conceived to change our treatment concepts for bone regeneration.

The aim of the present cours is to present an innovative medical device that could obtain tooth graft materials starting from the whole tooth of the patient to be used in regenerative surgery with osteoinductive and osteoconductive capabilities.






  • Biological and scientific basis of the use of the tooth as graft particulate
  • The scientific basis of the device: from Urist’s studies in 1965 to Prof. Minetti in 2013
  • Comparison of the Tooth Transformer with other equipment that uses the tooth as a graft material
  • Commercial aspects: how much does it really cost to introduce the Tooth Tansformer in the studio?
  • Tooth sectioning and cleaning procedures before treatment
  • Selected clinical cases
  • Practical demonstration of dental particulate production with the Tooth Transformer








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