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They are indicated for medium-size reconstruction, in 4-3 walls cavities. The cancellous components remodels in 4-6 months, the cortical one in 8-12 months (the remodeling time is approximate since, as a cell-mediated remodeling process occurs, the total substitution time depends on the beginning anatomical condition: the ratio between the receiving vital bone surface and the grafted volume). The cortical component needs more time to be remodeled given its greater density. Remodeling, anyway, is total (the bone substitute will be replaced with new formed bone).



1. Intact post-extractive sockets, in order to preserve the vestibular wall, anticipating an implant placement

2. Sinus lift (traditional Misch approach, or Misch approach and Tulasne variation)

3. Filling the ridge after a ?split crest?

4. Vertical ridge augmentation, Ludovichetti technique with a Cortical Flex Sheet

5. As a filler for the remaining gaps between adjacent blocks after an onlay graft

- Periodontal defects (every type of) - Peri-implant defects - Sinus lift, crestal approach according to Summers




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