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Natural cancellous and cortical bone granules, enzyme-deantigenated, with preserved bone collagen, (as OX31 e OX32) already mixed with a waterbased gel.

Indications: 1. Regenerating periodontal defects After preparing the grafting site, extrude directly the granules from the syringe into the defect, filling it. Model with a sterile instrument if necessary. For intrabony defects (1 to 3 walls) or furcation defects, protect the site with a pericardium Heart membraneHRT-001 shaping it properly. For smaller defects, where placing a shaped membrane is difficult protect the graft with OX Collagen Gel (OX06 or OX07).

2. Sinus lift (Summers technique) After preparing the access to the sinus through the crestal approach, according to Summers, extrude directly the bone substitutes into to access tunnel from the syringe and proceed to introduce it in the prepared volume according to the Summers procedure. - They can be used also for: - Regenerating intact post-extractive sockets in order to preserve the vestibular wall, anticipating implant placement - Sinus lift (Misch technique, also Tulasne variation) - Filling the space created during a split crest surgery - Vertical ridge augmentation, Ludovichetti technique with OX Cortical Flex - Filling gaps remaining after onlay grafts