They are indicated specifically for the sinus lift performed through the lateral approach (Misch): the greater granule size allows for a faster filling, prevents excessive compression (if compression is excessive vessels could not invade the graft), and allows for a better stabilization of the granules (which will be less subjected to the mechanical stimulation due to the sinus membrane movements). Indications: 1. Sinus lift, lateral approach (Misch technique, possible Tulasne variation) Prepare the sinus cavity as described by Misch. Prepare the granular mixture as described in the ?Use? paragraph, and proceed to graft the mixture as already described. Even if there?s no total agreement in literature about the use of a collagen membrane, we advise for the covering of the access window with a XC30, collagen membrane. For the variation according Tulasne, see the paragraph regarding the OX02 cortical sheet.



1. Intact post-extractive sockets, in order to preserve the vestibular wall, anticipating an implant placement

2. Sinus lift (traditional Misch approach, or Misch approach and Tulasne variation)

3. Filling the ridge after a ?split crest?

4. Vertical ridge augmentation, Ludovichetti technique with a Cortical Flex Sheet

5. As a filler for the remaining gaps between adjacent blocks after an onlay graft

- Periodontal defects (every type of) - Peri-implant defects - Sinus lift, crestal approach according to Summers