Speaker: Dr Andrea Palermo

• Lecturer in courses and congresses focusing on immediate loading procedures

• Tutor and Clinical coordinator for the New York University C.D.E Italian Graduates Association

• Author of several publication in piezoelectric surgery, implantology and autologous growth factors in bone regeneration

Faculty member European Academy of Oral Surgery and Implantology

Professor at University of Bari (Italy) at the International Master in Oral Surgery

Associate Professor in Implant dentistry at College of Medicine and Dentistry, Birmingham,England


The purpose of this lecture is to provide an overview of the surgical options related to an alternative approach in oral and implant surgery.

The use of piezo-electric technology will be described, together with autogenous growth factors as boosters of the tissue repair process.

Clinical data and personal cases will be shown, step by step, to remark the advantage of this approach. This technique provides a faster, safer and easier way to manage complicate cases.

We have been seeking for a less invasive and an effective treatment option and it can be said that the piezoelectric surgery may be a bright solution, taking your surgical work to the next level, safely.



• Physics of Ultrasound

• Biological bases

• Operational differences from existing technology

• Clinical applications



• Impacted Teeth

• Periodontal Surgery

• Endodontic Surgery

• Cyst Removal

• Orthodontic Surgery

• Bone Harvesting

• Implant Surgery

• Split Crest

• Sinus Lift

Material used:

  • Sifradent Surgybone
  • Eggs and animal bone


Period: 5 November 2022

Place:  Marriott, Bucharest

Taxa de participare :

Medic 600 EURO


Locuri disponibile: 20


Voucher 20% reducere, echipament medical Silfradent

Detalii si informatii privind organizarea si detaliile de plata: vanzari@smartnote.ro; office@invictusmedical.ro






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