Packed with technology
The line of Activabone bone pastes stems from a unique technological combination. The equine origin bone substitutes obtained through the exclusive ZymoTeck enzymatic process are now associated to Exur, the innovative polymer carrier with modulated viscosity developed by Bioteck R&D.

Bone pastes represent a valid alternative to conventional bone grafts,
however the carriers often feature rheological properties that are unsuited to assuring good handling or withstanding leaching during grafting in a bloody environment. 

However, the Activabone line features an extraordinary balance of rheological and biological properties



Composition: Bone powder, cortical and cancellous granules  0.5-1 mm, Exur (low molecular weight carrier - LMW,Vitamin C).
Applications: all bone regeneration procedures.
Advantages: excellent osteoconductive effect (bone granules, bone powder), osteopromoting effect given by the 3D carrier structure and by the preserved bone collagen, does not require hydration (shorter surgery time), total remodeling.
ACT-CMX025 Activabone Mix granules in syringe 1 syringe 0.25 cc
ACT-CMX050 Activabone Mix granules in syringe 1 syringe 0.5 cc